Welcome to Bhagyashree Executive
Bhagyashree Executive Family Restaurant & Bar offer guests an extraordinary place that is created by combining unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features all in one great location in Hadapsar. Add great service to this and the result is an extraordinary experience that would make your memory of
Bhagyashree Executive Family Restaurant & Bar a long and lasting one.

The exquisite architecture seamlessly blends with the landscape, laying open an unbound world of rejuvenation.
It will not be surprising if you find yourself absorbed in the fine particulars of nature, jewel-like details that would otherwise have evaded your attention.

We host multiple parties with personalized service.

Delicious Food Menu
Coktails & Mocktails
Luxury Rooms
Our warming recipes range from classic minestrone and vibrant soup to blends such as celeriac, hazelnut and truffle.
Make the best delicious, soft, succulent & flavorful chicken kababs. Kabab or kebab is a piece of food, mostly meat grilled over charcoal fire. There are so many kabab varieties out there which are very popular in our restaurant.
Biryani is one of the most amazing royal delicacies introduced to indians by the mughals. Making a Chicken & Mutton Biryani in authentic dum style does take some time and needs little expertise.
A good cocktail can really bring the profoundness out of anyone, Here is a collection of our favorite cocktails.
Smoke Zone
Make the most while you can enjoy with the IMFL drink and the smoky flavored to share your pyar for smoke with your crew.
Just because a mocktail is non-alcoholic doesn't mean it has to be boring! Whether it's for your guests or yourself, it's always a good idea to add a fun and refreshing mocktail into the mix.